# Contact us

There are several avenues to getting in touch. We try to be very accessible and someone is usually checking the Discord server frequently.

# In person

Physical planning meetings are scheduled on demand. If you prefer in person then attending the next meetup might be better, see Meetup.com for dates.

# Monthly conference calls

You can attend the community conference call on the 5th every month from 7PM to 8PM in the #monthly-planning channel on Discord.

If you are new to Discord or use the website, please download the desktop or mobile app beforehand to avoid any audio issues. Thanks!

# Chat

As mentioned above we a have a Discord server setup for real-time interactions. We have a chat channel #planning which is the coordination point for inviting speakers. We share notes and progress in there. If you like to stay up to date then this is the right place for you.

# Misc

For more old school variants you can reach out on Email. If you prefer GitHub you can open up a issue.